Many years ago, my ancestors trekked through El Komel Ahmar, hoping to find any morsel of food or drop of water. They found nothing and kept moving.


A city looms in the distance, unsettling the sky's edges. I wish it were sharp & clear, but instead it blurs & stains, this city.

The goat still follows us, a sweet & demanding little companion.


Day 10

Haven't had much time to write lately. Been too busy trying to figure out what the people were saying here in Rahmaniyah. I toured the normal sites, stared at the architectural wonders and the beautifully manicured garden (no rabbits here, sadly), but this group of friendly citizens kept following me, babbling in whatever dialect they speak here. It took me a day to realize they wanted me to sacrifice their sow to their god(s?). A great honor, they seemed convinced. I didn't want to stir up controversy. I also didn't want to kill a pig. I packed and left this morning before anyone noticed.