Civic Center Station


This is the only place they weren't able to find him, interrogate him, discover why he had abandoned his home. They searched out of love. He hid below ground out of the same. The routine streamlines of trains and passengers, comfortably anonymous.


I did find Fox Plaza to be comfortable. All sorts of red & silver creatures running about, though the wind picked up & I was without food.



Two years of traveling along one of the longest trails in the world, and I ironically come to a place where transportation is virtually instantaneous. Huge silver missiles move man and cargo at great speeds. I shall take advantage of this in my quest for sunshine and warmth. If only my health holds long enough....


The Trans-Illusory Subway System

Though appearing a mere hub for outgoing travelers, the subway is deceiving.... One passes from a state of true physical motion seamlessly into an audio-visual illusion created by vast screens encapsulating the vehicle. Travel periods of several hours may thus transport you only a few miles, and the shadowy corporate ghouls make a killing. Beware!


Anger at so many lines. None seems to lead anywhere. Also we were blinded by magnesium flares in one of the darker tunnels, and then came the sound of a stampede, though none of us was harmed, and when we regained our sight everything was covered in dust just as before.


This is a strange place. There is a very organized, ordered transportation system. The land mass is surrounded by a metallic swamp that seems to reflect great giants in the heavens. I'm getting scared I'm going to leave.