Gulf of Saint Lawrence


Day 35

The Magdalen Islands were not quite my idea of warmer climates — north of PEI. But it was nice here nonetheless; my pneumonia quickly lifted, and best of all, my hotel was down the street from a pet shop. I made some friends who worked there, and they came to visit me while I was bedridden, bringing a different rabbit each day. I was even able to convince one of them, Marcus, to come with me on the remainder of my journey.


Looking out into the Bay of Fundy, from Mount Sussex, I see a ship on the horizon. It carries oil to fuel my car to take me to work every morning where I sit at my desk and stare into space, dreaming of places like this.



I have been ill for weeks now. This bustling port town has been the source of many exotic and exciting experiences, but if I had known of the terrible sickness I was going to acquire, I would have hardly stayed a week. As it is, I find it difficult to even breathe! I must leave this city as soon as I am well.