Kavir-e Namak


Day 47

Marcus and I went for some wilderness in Borita, a very unknown little country in the Middle East. There wasn't much — not a rabbit to be seen, just trees and grass and birds and flies! Were there ever flies! In our eyes and meals and hair and everything. Marcus expressed his doubts about this whole traveling thing, but I assured him there was much worse than this, but I'd already gone through it for him. So off we went!


Newfoundland to Afghanistan. Quite the jump in scenery and climate. Everything is orange and dry. I feel like I'm on Venus. This is too far away from home. A mortar shell fired in the distance is a cruel reminder that I cannot escape now.



I feel oddly close to my "home" though I have been traveling for months. Perhaps it is the large mountains and vast plains blanketed in snow that stir my emotions. I am at once homesick and curious about this foreign land with few people to interact with. I shall press on.


Today I bought gifts. In one store, big enough really for only two customers, I bought antique bottles filled with sand. The sand is all different colors but uniformly fine. I bought a small rug to sit before my dresser, some maps for Dad. I still need to look for the proper gifts for Hannah and John.

Two days left then back to Madrid.