Parque del Cerbo Almodovar


Day 1

The journey begins in Le Guapo, a three-star hotel nicely situated in the Parque del Cerbo. I chose this hotel because it promises many sightings of wild rabbits, right from your bedroom window. I was not disappointed; the rabbits, fur of every color and shade of white, brown, and black, would hop from burrow to burrow like British ladies stopping by their friends' houses for tea. The one problem I had with this hotel was that every night, without fail, they would serve rabbit stew on their menus. I stayed for two nights before hightailing it out of there.


Accompanied a lady on a rabbit hunt. But all those we captured were mechanical rabbits. A dozen or so in number. Then what, we wondered, is the source of the rabbit stew?


All the Museos have outside regal statues of hares made in stone and some even have well-manicured topiary hare-trees.


Fuck I hate cities, I need to leave. Too many people, too many sights and smells, I can't handle the stimulation, the setting is not concrete enough, despite all the roads and buildings. I will leave now.


We have emerged on the Camino de los Inginieros. In place of camels there are elephants, many of them with a wasting disease.