Wilkes Icecap Station


I thought I already went to Antarctica. How many Antarcticas are there? Are we just going in circles?


I tire of the silence and desolation. Six months without any contact with the outside world is far too long for any human to bear. I am abandoning the camp and setting out into the miles of snow ahead. Maybe this road leads somewhere....


I came to Antarctica from Westwood to search for the Fabled treasure of Shackleton, hidden on the icy coast.

I thought I saw a person near Budd Coast, but that was the only human contact I had here. It's possible it was some other animal, or a hypothermic hallucination.

I never found the treasure. My journey continues.


Wondrous dash along the beach. Possibly glimpsed a selkie in the waves. Later, we were chased by an elephant seal, and stumbled across a mysterious item resembling a pocket watch in the sand. We examined it until dusk fell, & have come to no definite conclusions.


I am frightened by the white expanse. I want to go home. People in the group don't seem to mind the monotony. Everyone looks different — their cheeks have turned into chapped red leather from the dry icy wind. When there is a storm I think of watching Dersu Uzala with my dad when I was very young. That movie was in Russia though as I remember it.


Seem to have lost undead pursuers. Take the submarine to the Pole.